General Questions

  • Q: What is Actor.Digital?
    • A: We are a Talent Management group with background in Visual Effects and Games.
  • Q: Why is Actor.Digital needed?
    • A: We know culprits and specifics of the Visual Effects and Games industry and we know exactly what needs to be done in terms of protecting interests of Talent and their Client.
  • Q: What specific categories Actor.Digital fulfils?
    • A: We specialise in Talent who possess:
      1. Unique Looks
      2. Unique Physical Agility
      3. Unique Vocal Ability
  • Q: How does Actor.Digital fulfil the niche?
    • A: We provide a talent-to-talent, talent-to-client, client-to-talent and client-to-client communication platform through which both parties can communicate in private about potential projects, jobs and gigs.

I am Talent

  • Q: How does Actor.Digital work for Talent?
    • As a Talent, you register your Profile free of charge and get automatic exposure to Agents and Casting Directors in the Games and Visual Effects Industries.
    • Your profile will become available to Agents who would be able to contact you about representation.
    • Actor.Digital provides you with a complete Profile of your measurements and physical abilities, which you can advertise to your own clients.
  • Q: What are benefits of joining Actor.Digital for Talent?
    • Its FREE!
    • Talent Card (Size Information)
    • Personal Post Wall
    • 6 Headshot Image Gallery
    • 3 Acting Video Gallery
    • Talent-to-Talent Messaging system
    • Automatic Exposure to Agents
    • Automatic Exposure to Clients

I am Agent / Casting Director

  • Q: How Actor.Digital works for Casting Directors and Agents?
    • A: As a Casting Director, you Register and Purchase access to the Talent Database.